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Father of Glory Global Ministries is an out-of-the-box ministry that unveils Christ from an eternal perspective. This enables you and me to walk in our sonship from a place of grace.  We are all about experiencing the glory of God but with the fruit of loving each other as we love ourselves. We have the DNA of our Father as sons and daughters of God.  And though our "after- this-life" adventure is important, we must live in the here and now from a place of truly knowing ourselves in Christ.  

We have tons of videos and podcasts on our resource page that will assist you in discovering your true identity as Spirit, in the image of God.  We want to welcome you and thank you for visiting our website and family.  From our hearts to yours, you are one of a kind that has the potential to change the lives of those around you by simply being who you are.  Let love be the motivation of your life in everything!

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