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What We Are About

Our ministry is all about love! We want to see people reconciled in the way they see themselves, God and others.  Our vision is a mobile community that demonstrates love to the masses as we travel around America bringing unity and love wherever we go!  Right now we are forerunning this vision in our Motorhome that is fully equipped with solar power for off-grid living. 
Why is this important?  This makes it possible for us to stay in an area or region to cultivate spiritual community to awakening! Because we have very little overhead financially we can cultivate this habitation of God without the distractions of needing to leave and return to a traditional home.
Being self contained and self sufficient allows us to lift the burden off of those who would like us to come to their town or city.  No airfare, no hotels, and no rental cars needed!  Our desire is to be able to minister on the streets, in homes, in churches, and in arenas!  Carrying the love of God to America and beyond as good stewards of grace.  We also have a power packed social media teaching ministry that you can listen to and glean from on Facebook, You tube and a podcast on the app Podbean.

If you would like us to come to your city, please send us an email at or call us at 517.317.2520!  If you are near where we are presently ministering, there will be no out of pocket cost to get us there.  We will simply take up an offering during services.  For those afar off, we will calculate the cost of gas as the only upfront amount needed to come to you.  We will come and minister till God takes over!  

There is a revolution of revelation being released today through many and we get to be a part of this.  Many are coming out of traditional christianity and experiencing a whole new dimension of sonship.  We are a big part of helping many deconstruct out of self condemnation and religious indoctrination. 
Our ministry focuses on restoration, reconciliation and restitution.  This begins with renewing the mind and encountering the mystical union in Christ.  Bringing the encounters of God helps people to let go of a twisted image of how the Father sees them.  Once we see how the Father sees we will learn to love ourselves.  Once love takes over, division and competition is no more!  

So whether you travel with us or see us in your city, follow us on Facebook and YouTube.  Journey with us into the unknown as we break open the next chapter of history and see the tangible reality of God unfold.  We look forward to seeing you!

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