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Interested in hearing more about Shift? Click below for more info.

We are now offering shift sessions appointments through our website!

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Definition of Shift: An acronym that stands for Sanctify Historical Illusions Finding Truth.


For those who do not know what a shift session is let me bring some clarity for you.  Shift is an acronym that stands for Sanctify Historical Illusions Finding Truth.   When we are constantly struggling with emotional pain in the present it is because there are unresolved issues in the past.  Our minds respond by association of where we have been not where we are currently at.  A shift session allows us to take the short cut of focusing in on the emotional pain and beliefs in a safe environment where we allow God to come into our history and reinterpret how we viewed ourselves in past trauma.  Why is this the short cut?  Because the long route is to continually go through difficult situations that trigger us that will eventually chip away at our self protective walls we have erected.  We can bypass a bunch of circumstances that are only being used to expose the pain by embracing our present situation that leads to the core belief that contains the pain.  Watch this video for a deeper understanding of this process. 


We also provide Shift sessions for couples as well as individuals in which we dialog together by using each others triggers to reveal how all arguments stem from childhood not the present relationship.  You will leave the session not only renewed in your minds but also aware of how to communicate by using each others triggers to bring wholeness to your own life.  

We are a nonprofit organization that does not charge fees for services rendered.  But we do ask for a minimum donation of $50 for a one hour session that enables us to continue to reach more people consistently.  We also recommend that if you want to make a larger donation than $50 the remaining amount goes into a fund that helps provide sessions for those on fixed incomes.  

Last but not least we also offer one on one counseling for individuals or couples that just need tools or direction in their current situation.  Of course we do encourage a donation of $50 or more for all of our types of sessions.    Click the link below to donate and schedule your session today!  Don’t forget to specify what type of session you are looking for. A personal Shift Session, a Couples Shift Session, or personal/Couples counseling session.  One the donation has been made another page will pop up to choose the day and the time for your appointment.  Make sure you tell us what time zone you are.

Schedule a Shift Session Today:

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