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Our Journey
Born June 23rd 1971, Brian grew up in a life of abuse, neglect, witchcraft and drugs.  At the age of 16 he entered a church and had a face to face encounter with Jesus.  After his awakening, his family and church rejected him and threw him out on the streets.  Brian emancipated himself and began to preach and minister at the age of 17. 
By 19 years old, Brian planted his first church in Sacramento California.  This was during a time that the church did not recognize visions, encounters or prophets.  Local churches would find out that Brian was holding meetings and then undermine them and scatter the people.  During this time Brian could not find any help or relief from past perceptions of rejection.  Inner healing ministries were no where near where he resided and only deliverance ministry was available. 
Brian would seek out deliverance from demons over several years with no real fruit being produced from it.  The first 17 years of his ministry met with failure after failure.  Loss of marriages, loss of children, even the death of a child. 
Brian finally found a ministry that began to deal with the root issues of his past trauma. There was a dramatic change and shift in the way Brian viewed himself and the Lord after this, but the journey had just begun.  In 2007 a revival broke out in San Jose California in a small church that Brian had planted.  Seeking accountability, Brian connected with another pastor who took him under his wing.  One day this pastor asked Brian, “who are you in the Spirit?”  Brian responded with all the things God had called him to do.  I am called as an apostle, a reformer, etc.  The pastor said, well that is great what you are called to do, but who are you?  Brian had no response and so he decided to go and pray about this. 
All this time Brian knew what he was called to do, but he had no clue who he was.  As he sought God, the Lord brought to his mind all the faults and failures in Brian’s life.  Why would you show me this Lord, Brian responded?  I thought you forgave me!  The Lord responded and said, son, I never held anything against you but you have not understood.  You are still ashamed and regret your past, but I do not.
The Lord showed Brian that he was called as a grace bearer.  That he had walked through all his weaknesses and losses to restore broken pastors and leaders.  To have a deeper compassion on those bound by religion, self-effort and self-condemnation.  From that time on Brian began to walk out his journey into a greater revelation of sonship and the Father’s affirmation.  Brian met his wife Shauna and married in July of 2008.  Over the next decade Brian grew in understanding at an accelerated rate. 
Though he grew and ministered with tremendous results of healings, miracles and restoration, the sufferings increased.  In 2011 Brian was arrested and falsely accused by two false witnesses that did not want Brian to succeed.  Thrown in jail and beaten up for his faith, Brian began to minister to the inmates.  Revival broke out in the jail with many testimonies of God’s power.  After 17 months of fighting for his life, Brian was vindicated and released.  It took a year after his release for Brian to recover from PTSD, and because his wife Shauna was such a tremendous support, Brian recovered quickly.
Brian began to do ministry again and travel.  Flying throughout the USA, he would leave his family at home.  One day the Father spoke to Brian and said, son, you are not being who you truly are!  You preach love, unity and family, yet you leave your family at home.  Brian laid down all ministry till he could come up with a way to take his family with him.  From the time Brian and Shauna married they have been full time in an RV.  But they did not have the resources to travel full time and minister.  Brian felt the Spirit tell him to start transforming their motorhome by equipping it with solar power and batteries.  This way they wouldn’t have to pay to stay at RV parks. 
The only ministry Brian did during this time was on Facebook and You Tube.  It took 4 years to bring it together, and they both launched out full time on June 29th 2018.  With no open doors and no connections, Brian and Shauna felt lead to go to Washington State and visit a single mother they knew.  At the end of 6 weeks God had visited the region and opened doors.  They traveled and ministered in 31 States in 3 years and continue to see doors opening.  There has been tons of fruit as families and marriages have been touched and healed.  Pastors and churches have been refreshed, reignited and unified as the Father has been revealing a fresh hope and grace through these vessels of love.
Brian and Shauna Christian carry an atmosphere of the Father’s affirmation, a depth of revelation that shifts histories and releases an atmosphere of glory with signs that follow.  Their marriage is an example of love and unity with a testimony of what it means to walk in the grace of God.  Their hearts are for the body of Christ to come out of strife and self-condemnation and to love the church back to life.  They love people freely with no judgment, desiring to see real relationship emerge in rightly relating to one another.  The prophetic ministry Brian and Shauna carry, breaks down walls and enables others to encounter the nature of God.  They emphasize sonship, identity, inheritance, unity and the Fatherhood of God. 
Brian Continues to have eternal encounters of spiritual realities that have helped many let go of their past pain.  In carrying the message of the Everlasting Gospel, they are determined to prepare the body of Christ for the manifestation of the sons of God that is now being revealed upon the Earth.  This is Brians 35th year in ministry and he has been prepared through fire to be able to relate to many different groups of people. 
Brian has a Bachelors degree in Theology and is presently a Professor at WBS University.  Brian and Shauna Christian have been married for 14 years and have two young boys, Ayden and Seth.   They travel full time in an RV around the USA bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the church, those who are asleep in Christ and whosoever will receive them.

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