Mobile Hotspot Revival

We travel full time in our motorhome that is fully equipped with solar power for off-grid living.  Why is this important?  This makes it possible for us to stay in an area or community to cultivate revival without the distractions of needing to leave and return to a traditional home.  Many who carry revival today are limited by days or weeks in their ministry.  Unless of course they want to uproot their family, rent out their home, and move to a city in which revival has broken out through their ministry.  Being self contained and self sufficient, we can lift the burden off of those who would like us to come to their town or city.  No airfare, no hotels, and no rental cars needed!  Our desire is to be able to minister on the streets, in homes, in churches, and in arenas!  Carrying the glory of God to America and beyond as good stewards is our mandate.  

If you would like us to come to your city, please send us an email!  If you are near where we are currently at, there will be no out of pocket cost to get us there.  We will simply take up an offering during services.  For those afar off, we will calculate the cost of gas as the only upfront amount needed to come to you.  We will come and minister till God takes over!  

Starting June 29th 2018 we will be heading out from California across the USA!  This will mark the 149 days of divine encounters and mandates of the Holy Spirit that came upon us, preparing us to connect with you!  Now is the time to invite us, as this fresh anointing of God is expanding and flowing!

We are so grateful for all the wonderful people we have connected with in 2018 and early 2019!  The body of Christ is beautiful!

The pics below are our extended family from Washington, California, Minnesota, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Michigan.  We are so blessed!